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Training is the single most important element for a safe, professional, and effective fire department.  Where life safety is at risk, competence of the responders should be paramount. When the citizens in our community call for help, they expect and deserve the very best from us when we respond. 

The Ellendale Fire Protect District has a training session each month offered to it's firefighters that covers a multitude of scenarios and provides real world hands-on experience.  As a volunteer organization, we realize that "life" sometimes takes our firefighters away from a hands-on training opportunity.  Our department is providing some links to other training opportunities which can be found below.  Please keep in mind that the links provided below may differ from our SOP's but are meant to give the firefighter continuing education in the fire service. 


Firefighter Training Links:

Upcoming Training/Events:

Monthly Training/Meeting      -      1st Tuesday of each month

January 2025    -    Raffle Drawing/Chili Cookoff


No additional specialty training or events scheduled

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