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Requirements to be a Volunteer Fire Fighter

• Must be physically able to perform the duties of an volunteer fire fighter as required by
the EFPD.
• Must possess or be able to acquire firefighter certification.
• Must have and continue to maintain a good driving record. A valid driver’s license is
• Must be at least eighteen (18) years old.
• Should reside in the boundaries of the Ellendale Fire Protection District. The Fire
Chief can authorize exceptions for volunteers that work in the District but live outside
or vice versa.
• Must be able to speak, read, write, understand and comprehend English for the
purpose of performing the multiple communication functions of the job’s duties and
responsibilities, and for the purposes of completing and/or following and/or applying all
directives, reports and communications.
• Must have the ability to acquire and to use specialized fire fighting knowledge,
techniques and practices, and a strong mechanical aptitude.
• Must report to training or calls, in a fit mental and physical condition in order to
perform job duties and assigned tasks. This includes the willingness and ability to
participate in training and development activities.

Must be able and willing to work cooperatively and effectively within the structure of
team approach concept, and/or individual initiative concept.
• Must have the ability to work well with other individuals, be pleasant, congenial, and
able to remain calm and courteous in relationship with other personnel and the public.
• Must be self-motivated and be able to perform job duties independent of and without
direct supervisory assistance and/or direction.
• Must be able to work well and to perform work efficiently and productively under
pressure, which may be caused by having to face critical and unexpected situations.

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